What is TLM Coin?

Alien Worlds Trillium (TLM) is an economy simulation where players compete with NFTs. It is available on the MXC exchange and will be published on the Binance exchange on April 13th. It is achieved by encouraging players to compete for Trilium (TLM), which is required to control competing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and gain access to additional games. In Alien Worlds metaverse, players can acquire NFTs (digital game items) to mine TLM, participate in battles, and complete in-game missions. Players can buy the NFTs best suited to their games and put them together, depending on their strategy. In addition, players can engage in governance by electing the Assembly Members of the six Planet DAOs and in this way influence the direction of the game.

What is Alien Worlds?

In the game created by Binance, a program based on the NFT system has been developed. According to Binance, Alien Worlds was created to develop a competitive investment activity by creating an economic environment of competition among users.

Mining and Staking

Players can start mining activities with NFT format vehicles. In addition, in this section, land can be rented and purchased to make a mining. Successful mining attempts can be rewarded with TLM coins. The performance of the mining activity can be determined depending on the terrain and the structure and characteristics of the vehicles. To achieve success in the game, it is necessary to make logical combinations between the right terrain and the right vehicles.

How Are Staking Rewards Calculated?

Mining earnings rates with Proof of Stake are dependent on the cryptocurrency to be mined. Basically, the higher your balance in your wallet, the more earnings you will earn. Some cryptocurrencies do not allow cryptocurrency assets above a certain amount to be allocated to mining transactions with Proof of Stake in order to prevent inflation and to keep cryptocurrencyin circulation.

What is Staking Pool?

Staking pools are mining in which the same cryptocurrency is mined with Proof of Stake and different people combine their assets to increase the rate of profit. The awards won are distributed according to the asset ratio of the participants. Since the establishment, development and management of a staking pool are difficult processes, pool founders receive some of the reward earned as a result of mining.

What is NFT?

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) are digital assets that are unequaled by their shortest definition. It represents many unique digital assets, from collector products to virtual shoes, from virtual game content to digital properties. NFTs are produced using blockchain technology, most of the time with Ethereum token standards. With the technological innovations brought by our age, having digital products has become widespread among people and since 2017, more than $174 million has been spent on NFTs. Supply and demand balance ensures that prices are determined in NFTs as well as in all assets with value. Due to the unique nature of NFTs, the products sold are considered as collectible items and have very high values.

What Makes NFTs Valuable?

The fact that all NFTs contain unique information and are easily accessible reveals the advantages of having a product digitally compared to a physical product that has a collection value. By preventing the production and reproduction of counterfeit products, it ensures that all information about the originality of the digital asset is obtained from the previous owner and manufacturer. Unlike crypto assets, NFTs cannot be exchanged among themselves. The fact that each is unique ensures that each has its own characteristics and prevents the two entities from being equal. NFTs can think of it as a football match ticket. All tickets are essentially unique, as each ticket will contain different stadiums and dates, teams to watch, seat location and personal information of the person buying the ticket and provide the owner with a unique view of the stadium and therefore it is not possible to exchange tickets in an equivalent manner. NFTs also enable artists to produce. By delivering his works to all parts of the world, the production of digital works has become widespread, and it has made it possible to bring together buyers and producers more easily by avoiding intermediary institutions. In addition, in the event that the purchased work changes hands, the rights of the artist are protected with the copyright details, and it is ensured that the producer is also a shareholder in the next handover. Actor William Shatner, for example, processed digital cards made up of his own pictures and sold them. In the event that these cards change hands, it also gets a share as its producer. Some of the other features of NFTs are; all of them have a specific area, the content purchased for a game cannot be used in a different game, the products cannot be duplicated and fragmented, there is no such thing as deletion or change because they are processed on the blockchain and with smart contracts, and the originality of each product can be checked transparently.

What is MXC?

Machine Xchange Coin (MXC) aims to create a systematic process to both simplify and increase IoT data transactions using the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) network so that people can be part of the shared economy. Using the concept of the Low Power Wide Acc e ss Network (LPWAN) as the basis of its System and the Machine eXchange Protocol (MXProtocol) concept as the basis of the device network, MXC will introduce Machine eXchange Coin (MXC) which will theoretically allow. Increased data processing and monetization from a data flow like no other in today’s data market.

What is Binance Launchpool?

Binance Launchpool is a platform where users can stake Binance Coin (BNB), Binance USD (BUSD) and other tokens to earn new tokens that will be released in the market as a reward. The platform, which succeeds in enabling users to earn passive income by staking BNB, BUSD and other tokens, provides an easy and secure farming service. Reward tokens are given by the system in return for the tokens you add to the pool in Binance Launchpool. The tokens you add to the pool are not locked, you can withdraw them to your spot wallet whenever you want. Note that in this case, you will not be able to receive a reward for that day. The amount of Tokens to be earned is proportional to the amount of tokens deposited in the pool and the total number of tokens in the pool.

Binance Launchpool Distribution

The tokens earned are distributed daily to users. You can earn new tokens for thirty days. The first X day is before the new token is listed on Binance.com. You can buy and sell the tokens you earned in the first X days when you are listed. You can continue to earn the new token until thirty days after being listed. Usually a mining pool has a coordinator responsible for organizing the miners. This coordinator allows miners to use different nonce values so that they don’t waste hash power by trying to create the same blocks. The coordinators are also responsible for dividing the awards and paying the participants. There are several different methods used to calculate how much work each miner does and determine how much reward they will receive accordingly.

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Website: https://alienworlds.io/
Whitepaper: https://alienworlds.io/assets/Alien-Worlds-Blockchain-Technical-Blueprint.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/AlienWorldsOffical
Medium: https://medium.com/@alienworlds
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/alienworlds

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