What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency?

We hear many comments when it comes to cryptocurrencies that are followed and invested by a large audience in the digital world. Some focus on its advantages, others on its disadvantages. However, if you are going to be interested in this, it is useful to know both its advantages and disadvantages. In this way, you can see all the pros and cons for yourself before starting to replace hearsay information. Let’s take a look at this together.


Easy Transactions

There are a lot of paperwork you have to deal with while running a business, and there are additional fees you have to pay for every action you take. But when you use cryptocurrency, you will remove intermediaries, paperwork and additional payments. The process takes place over a secure network and becomes easier to monitor.

Low Fee

The more transactions you do under normal conditions, the more extra money you have to pay. But if you work with cryptocurrency, you do not need to pay commission for the service you receive.


We can deal with security case in two different ways;

  1. Since crypto coins are digital, you cannot carry them in your wallet. Therefore, the possibility of dropping them, stealing and defrauding them disappears.
  2. Cryptocurrencies are protected by a highly reliable encryption technique throughout the transaction process.


One of the most useful features of crypto coins is that their transaction speed takes seconds. You will no longer be waiting in banks for minutes and you will be able to make your transaction in seconds wherever you are.

Credit Access

You can easily, quickly and securely transfer cryptocurrencies to anyone who knows the cryptocurrency network on the internet. Most people choose cryptocurrency for their transactions and asset transfers.


Whenever you use a credit card, your transactions are controlled by banks. This leads to multiple and complex financial background checks at times when you want to trade transactions.

When you use cryptocurrency, you can only trade with the information you want to transmit to the recipient, without any transaction records. Your financial history cannot be viewed by others and your identity will be kept private.


Apart from taking a long time to make transactions through banks, there is also a problem such as a transaction restriction on weekends. When you use cryptocurrency, you can perform your transactions regardless of time or place. Time or day does not matter, you can make your transfers whenever and wherever you want. In addition, when it comes to sending money abroad, you may experience some problems and in some cases, your transaction may even be canceled. You can send money to any country you want using cryptocurrency without having to go to any bank.



Although the use of cryptocurrencies is quite common today, there are still companies that refuse to use it or do not know much about it.

Wrong Address

When making a cryptocurrency transfer, it is impossible to access the money if the wrong wallet address is entered. If you do not enter the wallet address correctly, the money will go to someone else and it is not possible to find a contact person to contact you about the money you send. Also, you cannot undo your transaction.


Since there is no government or central authority behind cryptocurrencies, it is almost impossible to claim your rights in case you run into any problems. There are no clear rules, processes and systems for cryptocurrency. This is trying to be improved day by day, but the legal dimension issue seems to remain uncertain for a while.

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