Bee Network – Bee Coin

Bee Network – Bee Coin, also called the next generation Blockchain system, have been investigated a lot by cryptocurrency investors lately. To make a general definition, we have compiled the details of this game, which is a cryptocurrency mining created to obtain Bee Coin. Let’s find out what Bee Network and Bee Coin are quickly.

What is Bee Network – Bee Coin?

As of December 2020, Bee Network and Bee Coin, created by Bee Games, are expected to be available in commercial life like other altcoins in the future. Although there is no clear information about when it will be on the stock market, it is thought that it is possible to enter the stock exchange in 2024.

As mentioned in the introduction of our article, Bee Network is a gamified blockchain system where you can actually earn Bee Coin by mining from your mobile phones. You can only log in to the system if you have an invitation code. Although you are not yet able to purchase goods or services in real life with your Bee balances, Bee Network aims to be a cryptocurrency that will be listed on major stock exchanges where you can make these transactions in the future.
Bee players have three different roles:


You have to log into the app every 24 hours and press the mining button. After 24 hours of pressing the mining button, your session will be finished and you will have to enter the app again and press the mining button.


Players in the role of ambassadors are people who invite other members to play the game and help grow the gaming community. As the community grows, your Bee coins will increase in value. You will also earn a 25% base rate for each referral in your team.


With the upcoming phase 2, verifiers will be able to add users to your security circle and earn an extra 0.2 Bee / hour / verified miner to your mining rate.

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